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Calibration Services

Calibration is the comparison of your measuring instrument to a known reference standard to assure that your measurements are accurate within the specification limits of the instrument. This will ensure that your instrument will safely and reliably get the accurate measurements needed. A proper calibration includes paperwork referencing a documented calibration procedure and standards more accurate than the instrument being calibrated, that are traceable back to a recognized national standard. In practice calibration often includes correction or adjustment. If an instrument is found to be out of tolerance it may be adjusted to bring it back within the specification limits, where possible.  A regular schedule of calibration services will keep instruments in optimal condition to support measurement requirements.


Land & Sea maintains two calibration labs within our Woodside facility (Dartmouth, NS). A Mechanical Calibration Lab and an Electrical Calibration Lab have each been specifically designed and constructed to meet strict and exacting specifications for cleanliness, temperature and humidity control. Test equipment, measuring devices and instrumentation units are repaired, tested and calibrated in the appropriate lab. All calibrations performed include a calibration certificate, calibration sticker, data results with "as found" and "as left" readings, and traceability to National Standards. Calibration and repair requirements outside the labs can be facilitated by way of in-situ work at the customers' site, using portable calibration modules that can be site located.

Our scope of capabilities within these labs includes, but is not limited to, testing and calibration of the following:


Mechanical Calibration Lab

  • Pressure - gauges, sensors, indicators, transducers, recorders, switches, manometers, deadweight testers, pressure calibrators, vacuum devices
  • Torque - wrenches, screwdrivers, meters, multipliers, transducers
  • Dimensional - micrometers, dial indicators, straight edges, squares, standard rods, surface plates, parallels, calipers, verniers, levels, thickness gauges
  • Mass & Force - weights, scales, dynamometers, load cells, cable tensiometers, force gauges, balances
  • Hardness - Rockwell hardness testers
  • Temperature - thermometers, temperature switches, infrared guns, RTD probes, thermocouples, thermistors, temperature calibrators


Electrical Calibration Lab

  • Electrical Meters - digital multimeters, amp meters, volt meters, analog, micro-ohmmeters, megohmmeters, clamp-ons, panel meters, switchboard meters
  • Electrical Testers - insulation testers, dielectric test sets, continuity testers, high current test sets, surge testers, audio test sets, decade resistance boxes
  • Field Test Instruments - loop calibrators, mA calibrators, data loggers, process calibrators, cable fault locators, level transmitters
  • Gas Detection - personal gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, combustion analyzers
  • Other - tachometers, attenuators, oscilloscopes, timers, power supplies, frequency counters, pH meters, signal generators, telephone test equipment, electric welders


In-Situ Calibration Services

Calibration service at customer site locations is available for many of the items listed above. Certain conditions and exclusions may apply.


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