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Company Profile

Since its inception in 1993 with the construction support of the Hibernia Platform in Newfoundland, Land & Sea Instrumentation has provided instrumentation, calibration, commissioning and valve repair and certification services to the onshore and offshore industries in Atlantic Canada, and beyond.


in 1998, a Mechanical division of Land & Sea Instrumentation was established to provide expertise in the inspection, repair and testing of industrial valves. The organization provided restoration on all valve types, models, sizes, configurations and materials; including Pressure Relief Valves, Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Plug, Regulators and Control Valves. A high-pressure steam generator was added in 2003 for the repair and testing of steam safety valves in accordance with the National Board (NBBI) "VR" Certification program.


Land & Sea maintains state-of-the art mechanical and electronic calibration labs in their Dartmouth, NS facility, which include a wide range of electronic testing and measuring standards for the repair and calibration of industrial instruments. The calibration and valve repair services maintain quality assurance certification to ISO 9001. The organization maintains a letter of good standing with the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association.


Health, Safety & Environment

Quality Assurance


Today, Land & Sea Instrumentation has recombined all divisions into a single company that continues to provide specialty instrumentation services throughout Atlantic Canada, and beyond. Land & Sea takes great pride in offering their customers the best service available in the industry, by employing highly-experienced managers, supervisors, journeyman instrumentation technicians and electricians. 

  • Shop, Field & Offshore Instrumentation
  • Shop, Field & Offshore Valve Services
  • Shop & Field Calibration Services
  • Shop & Field Hydro Testing
  • Industrial Instrument Rentals
Land & Sea 25 Estates Road Woodside Industrial Park Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4K3 PH (902)461-2009 FX (902)461-0848